Debit & Credit Card Access

New or reissued cards

Cards will arrive in the mail 7-10 business days.  Activate once received by calling (716 or 800) 632-9328.

All cards reflect an expiration date.  Your card is valid through the last day of the month that it expires.  New cards are usually mailed out mid-month that they expire.


Card activity/transactions

All Debit card and Credit card activity and transactions can be viewed through our Mobile App or Online Banking.

Questions about Online Banking?  Click here.

Your Credit Card Statement will be the last page of your normal account statement that you receive monthly.



Add your Debit or Credit Card to your Digital Wallet for easy access at stores and online through Apple Pay; Samsung Pay; Google Pay and Web-based options.


protect your accounts or report lost or stolen

Debit or Credit Card call (716) 632-9328.

Use our Mobile App to use Card Controls to lock and unlock your card, set alerts and more.


credit card payments

Payments are due on the 28th of every month. We offer many convenient payment options.


fraud alert or transaction verification

A fraud alert may have been triggered on your card or we may be trying to contact you to verify a transaction that seems questionable.  This could have been from:

  • Did you order something online/out of country?
  • Purchases attempted out of your normal spending pattern or area?
  • You may have exceeded the daily dollar or transaction allotment?
  • Did you notify us that you are traveling?
  • With Card fraud continuing to increase dramatically, Western Division is committed to protecting your account and fighting fraudulent activity. Therefore, the Credit Union occasionally needs to take immediate action to block transactions in a particular area or at a specific merchant type.

Debit or Credit Card call (716) 632-9328.


traveling – notify us

Debit or Credit Card call or text (716) 632-9328 or complete the Travel Notification Form.


debit card accessibility

ATM Withdrawal – (Savings & Checking) Withdrawal funds from your savings or checking account(s) at any ATM. Click here for a list of our no-surcharges.

Cash Back Option – (Checking) Receive cash-back when making a purchase.  Simply choose Debit and choose your dollar amount.  This is a free service.

Purchase – (Checking) Make a purchase at a retailer, over the phone or online.  This is a free service.


order or reorder a debit or credit card

Call (716) 632-9328 or request a Debit Card.


Fees may apply.