Fast Cash Loan

You need the cash and you need it now!  This loan is perfect to get that much needed cash in your hands fast for whatever you need or want!

Fast Cash Rates

Cash the Same Day!
TermsRate / APR
Up to 12 Months
6.99% / 6.99%
Up to 18 Months
Amounts > $2,500
6.99% / 6.99%

No internal refinances.  Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and/or promotions.  Available through 8/30/24.

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Text or Call Us – we take applications by phone during branch hours (716) 632-9328.


If you plan to use this type of loan for a consolidation, simply provide us with the following:

  • Payoff dollar amount
  • Payee’s name, address and account number
  • Copy of most recent statement

Fax to (716) 632-1383; Text to (716) 632-9328 or