Your home’s equity is one of the best – and easiest – ways to take advantage of your most valuable asset.  You use your home’s value to put cash on hand for whatever you want or need.

Home improvements                                   Paying off debt                                   Pool for the kids

Education expenses                                      Emergency fund                                Vacation for yourself

Large purchase                                                 Wedding                                                Just because you can …


Home Equity Loan

This loan is perfect for you if you have a specific project or large purchase in mind.  You receive a lump sum of funds and you know exactly what your monthly payment, rate and term will be for the life of the loan.


TermsRate / APR
Up to 5 years4.50% / 4.98%
Up to 10 years5.00% / 5.48%
Up to 15 years5.50% / 5.98%

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Call Us – we take applications by phone during branch hours (716) 632-9328.


Home Equity Line of Credit


TermsRate / APR
Up to 15 years4.75% / 4.75%

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Call Us – we take applications by phone during branch hours (716) 632-9328.



The following documentation will be needed for your application:

  • Latest Property Survey
  • Deed to Property
  • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Most current paycheck stubs and two (2) years signed/completed Federal Tax Returns (1st pages only needed.)  Additional schedules and W2’s may be requested.
  • Paid Real Estate tax receipts for the most current 12 month period


¹LTV = Loan-to-value.  This means your appraised balance minus any first mortgage balance.

²Home Equity LOC is based on Prime.