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We believe shopping and financing for your vehicle whether it’s your first car, your dream car or just a car to get around, should be fast and simple.  That is why we offer the same great rates and terms for new, used , refinanced or lease buy-out cars and trucks.

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TermsRate / APR
Up to 24 Months1.99% / 1.99%
Up to 25-36 Months2.49% / 2.49%
Up to 37-54 Months2.99% / 2.99%
Up to 55-66 Months3.49% / 3.49%
Up to 67-78 Months3.99% / 3.99%
Up to 79-84 Months4.49% / 4.49%

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Isn’t it worth a few minutes to find out if we can save you money?  And if we can’t, we’ll let you know.  We always want to ensure our members have the best deal…even if they already have it.  But in most cases, we often find people were given a higher rate than they deserved at another financial institution or dealership. Let us help!

Why should I consider refinancing?

  • Is your current loan rate (from another dealer or financial institution) higher than ours?
  • Have you improved your credit score from when you made your original purchase?
  • Do you want to extend your loan term and/or lower your monthly payment?
  • Would you like to remove a joint applicant/co-signer that is on your loan?
  • Did you know you can “cash out” on the equity in your vehicle?
  • Help! One minute I was just looking at a car, the next I had signed paperwork.

Have you experienced these situations?

  • The dealer told you that you couldn’t refinance your loan.
  • The dealer fit you into a payment you wanted.
  • You don’t really know what your term or rate is (no need to find a statement, we can tell you).
  • Rates may have changed since you made your purchase.
  • You thought it would be a huge hassle or would result in fees so you haven’t done anything.

We offer the same great rates (above) and no refinance fees!

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Call Us – we take applications by phone during branch hours (716) 632-9328.


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Once you find what you want or are ready to refinance, simply provide us with the following:

  • Purchase Order or Bill of Sale (Dealer will provide you or have them send to us)
  • Insurance Binder (Agent can send to us or provide us their information to contact)
  • Copy of Title (Private Sale or Refinance only)
  • Payoff Information: 10-day payoff, name, address and account # (Refinance only)

Text to (716) 632-9328 or Fax to (716) 632-1383 or email to