Personal Loan

An affordable loan for things you need or want. Use it for consolidation, a long-awaited vacation or a special purchase.

Personal Loan Rates

TermsRate / APR
Up to 36 Months9.99%/ 9.99%
Up to 48 Months10.99% / 10.99%

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Text or Call Us – we take applications by phone during branch hours (716) 632-9328.


If you plan to use this type of loan for a consolidation, simply provide us with the following:

  • Payoff dollar amount
  • Payee’s name, address and account number
  • Copy of most recent statement

Fax to (716) 632-1383 or

So Easy – We offer a delivery system to streamline your loan process. We can send the loan documents to you via email to sign electronically and return so you don’t even have to come into the branch.  It is so simple, once completed we can put the proceeds directly into your Western Division savings or checking account , mail a check or wire the funds for you.