Give Your Employees Something to Smile About

In today’s competitive market, Human Resource and Benefits Specialists, are challenged with offering an attractive and cost efficient benefits package. Credit Union membership is an employee benefit that a growing number of employer groups and organizations are taking advantage of today.

We are Western New York’s largest “employer based” credit union, proudly serving over 350+ Participating Groups . Those who have selected to offer our credit union benefit enjoy a competitive choice of financial products and services that encourage employees to save regularly, borrow funds at a fair rate of interest and make smart financial choices.¬† At no-cost or administrative burden, our Partner At Work Program is a very attractive benefit to offer!

A Winning Partnership

Let us be your partner in helping your employees reach their financial goals. Our partnership includes:

    • New Hire Orientation and Brochures
    • Informational Brochures, Flyers and Payroll Inserts
    • Educational Seminars and Consultations
    • Money Management Publications and Newsletter Articles
    • Credit Union Days (on-site visits)
    • CreditAbility Program – Free¬†Credit Report Education
    • Company Event Participation
    • Promotional Offers & Campaigns


For more information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Denise Ligammare
Business Development Manager
(716) 632-9328 Ext. 136