VISA® Credit Card Enhancements

VISA Credit Card

This page is to inform you of important dates and enhancements we are making to our VISA Credit Card Program.  (An upgrade to our systems will precipitate a reissuance of all cards to provide you with a more convenient experience.)  Please read below for further details and important dates.

*** This is NOT regarding a card compromise or closure of your credit card. 

On March 26th we started converting our credit cards to a new system.  During this process some credit monitoring systems (Credit Karma) have reported a closure of your credit card and a resulting change to your credit score. We want to reassure you, your card is open and there has not been a change to your credit score as a result of this conversion. 

Card Closed – There has not been a closure of your card.  We have simply transferred your current card number to your new credit card number (using a “transfer” code).

Credit Score  – Most credit monitoring services use VantageScore® credit scores.  While this type of scoring model can give you an idea of where your credit stands, it is not the industry standard and is not the true FICO® score that is used by financial institutions for credit decisions and reporting. 


  •  9.99% APR*
  • 1% cash back on purchases**
  • No annual fee; cash advance fee or balance transfer fee
  • 25-day grace period on all purchases



  • Credit Card and Number – The week of April 15th you will receive a new VISA Credit Card from Western Division (picture sample above). Your new card will have a new look and a new card number.
  • Joint Owner – If you have a Joint Owner on your Card, they will also receive a new card with a unique card number. (This will enable you to view transactions by cardholder).



  • APRIL 28th – Use your existing card until April 28th. When you receive your new card, activate it immediately and put it in your wallet (it will NOT disrupt service to your existing card). Continue to use your existing card until April 28th. On April 29th begin using your new card.
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) – Once activated, you will be asked to choose a new PIN.
  • Contact Merchants you have an automatic payment with and provide your new card number (i.e.: health club).



  • Account Information – Effective, April 29th your credit card transactions, balances and payment amounts will now be viewed through ItsMe247 Online Banking (the same place you go to view your other credit union accounts). (You no longer will have to use the separate website, GoToMyCard.)
  • Monthly Statement – You will NOT receive a separate VISA Credit Card statement. Your credit card information will be included on the last pages of your Western Division statement, that you will receive monthly and will list all of your accounts and activity.



  • Due Date – Your payment will now be due on the 28th of every month (was formerly the 23rd .)  (Example: April’s payment is still due on April 23rd.  May’s payment will be due on the new payment schedule of May 28th). 
  • Payment Options: Check out all of these convenient payments options now available to you.



  • E-Alerts: Set up payment e-alerts as a reminder when your payment is due through
  • ItsMe247 Online Banking.
  • VISA Alerts: Set up to receive alerts anytime a purchase is made using your card.
  • Lock It Feature: A new feature on our Mobile app provides users the capability to “Lock” your credit card. This feature behaves like an on/off switch to stop new purchases if you feel you have misplaced or lost your card. Download our app today to receive this convenient feature.


Thank you for continued business with Western Division Federal Credit Union. We are confident you will be pleased with the new benefits of your new credit card. Please contact us with any questions you may have at (716) 632-9328 or contact us.