Same Low Rates on New, Used, Refinanced or Lease Buyout !

Stop paying more than you have to!  Rates are at an all time low, so now is the perfect time to save money when you are making a purchase or when you want to refinance your loan from another financial institution.  No application fees & No refinancing fees!

Vehicle Rates

TermsRate / APR
Up to 24 Months1.99% / 1.99%
Up to 25-36 Months2.49% / 2.49%
Up to 37-54 Months2.99% / 2.99%
Up to 55-66 Months3.49% / 3.49%
Up to 67-78 Months3.99% / 3.99%
Up to 79-84 Months4.49% / 4.49%


Recreational Rates

TermsRate / APR
Up to 24 Months3.49% / 3.49%
Up to 25-36 Months3.99% / 3.99%
Up to 37-54 Months4.49% / 4.49%
Up to 55-66 Months4.99% / 4.99%
Up to 67-78 Months5.49% / 5.49%
Up to 79-180 Months7.49% / 7.49%

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Have you experienced these situations?

  • Rates have changed since you made your purchase.
  • The dealer told you that you couldn’t refinance your loan.
  • The dealer fit you into a payment you wanted and now you have negative equity.
  • You don’t really know what your term or rate is (no need to find a statement, we can tell you).
  • You thought it would be a huge hassle or would result in fees so you haven’t done anything.

Why should I consider refinancing?

  • Is your current loan rate (from another dealer or financial institution) higher than ours?
  • Have you improved your credit score from when you made your original purchase?
  • Do you want to extend your loan term and/or lower your monthly payment?
  • Would you like to remove a joint applicant/co-signer that is on your loan?
  • Did you know you can “cash out” on the equity in your vehicle?
  • Help! One minute I was just looking at a car, the next I had signed paperwork.


Provide us with the following:

  • Copy of Title
  • Insurance Binder (Agent can send to us or provide us their information to contact)

Text to (716) 632-9328 or Fax to (716) 632-1383 or


* APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Loan rates reflect the lowest rate available on approved credit.  No internal refinances.