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Better than 0% Offers


Now through the end of March transfer all those high interest rate loans, store credit cards, bills or just get some extra spending cash!

5.99% APR* until Paid in Full

No Balance Transfer or Cash-out Fees

Transfer Balances or Get Cash now through the end of March!


  • 0% offers are usually only for 12 months, then they charge you a crazy high rate and all the interest
  • If you are transferring high balances, your payment will not be affordable to payoff in 12 months (and they hope for that.)
  • The offer always comes with a balance transfer fee (per transfer) or a fee doe the percentage of the amount transferred.  So basically, you are paying them “up-front” showing you 0% is not really 0%.  Add on if you don’t pay off in 12 months, they get you both ways!


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Transfer Your Balances

Consolidate your other higher interest rate cards, NO TRANSFER FEES, simply provide us with the following:

  • Payoff dollar amount(s)
  • Payee’s name, address and account number(s)
  • Copy of most recent statement(s)

Use one of these convenient options (include pics of your most recent statement(s):

  • Complete the form below. Enter up to four (4) transfer(s) with this form.
  • Text your information to (716) 632-9328
  • Fax your information to (716) 632-1383
  • Email your information to memberservice@westerndivision.org