Ditch the Debt

Pay Off Debt Faster!

Save money on interest – rate of 5.99% APR!

No Balance Transfer Fees!

One Easy Payment!


Now through the end of March transfer all those high interest rate loans, store credit cards, bills or just get some extra spending cash!


the ENTIRE transfer balance stays at the 5.99% APR until PAID IN FULL! 
  • Other banks only give you 12 months to pay off your balance.
  • If not paid in 12 months they then charge you a crazy high rate.
  • If not paid in 12 months they can also charge you all the interest.


Western Division has NO balance transfer fees!   
  • Other banks charge a balance transfer fee (per transfer).
  • Other banks also charge between 3-5 percent of the amount transferred.


Western Division VISA Credit Card is a better card!
  • Balance transfers at 5.99% APR (1/1/20-3/31/20)!
  • All retail purchases are at our regular low rate of 9.99% APR with 1% cash back!
  • No annual fee!


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